Our cattery units are designed to promote as secure and comfortable a stay as possible for your pet.

All benefit from individual heaters in sleeping compartments and are insulated to ensure that they are snug and warm. Pro-Fleece Vet Bedding is provided for them but we are happy to accommodate other bedding if provided by customers. In any case we do encourage that a small piece of bedding is supplied to give them the re-assuring scent of home. They have scratch pads and we provide a range of balls and toys if their own have been forgotten.

Heating is provided 24/7 in the sleeping compartments and corridor from November to February with rates being slightly higher during these months and then as necessary outside of these times.

Feeding is normally twice daily , with wet food being given in the morning and dry in the afternoon but an additional lunchtime feed can be provided for those who may need it. All Food and Water is presented in Stainless Steel bowls with water being available 24/7 and alternative diets to that supplied by the cattery , can be accommodated upon request.

Two types of cattery unit are available , Deluxe and Standard. Both have ample space for your pet to move around with their raised sleeping compartment reached by means of a ramp and the ground floor accommodating their litter tray.

All units feature Sneeze Barriers to reduce contact between boarders and limit infection. Wood Based Litter is provided but alternative litter can be used if supplied by owners.

All our boarders are checked frequently during the day and where possible they are encouraged to receive a stroke or cuddle

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