Rora Boarding Kennels is situated in quiet rolling farmland 5 miles to the west of Peterhead and has been in business for over 20 years. Since this time a very good reputation for the care of the animals boarded has been established, with customers travelling from as far as Aberdeen to ensure their pets are suitably cared for.

The facilities comprise a purpose-built cattery overlooking our duck pond, security fencing and a large secure exercise compound for the kennels. Whilst maintaining an excellent reputation for animal care with most of the local veterinary practice’s.

Potential Customers are encouraged to inspect the facilities at any time during opening times , without prior notice , allowing kennel and cattery conditions to be seen under normal conditions not at pre-arranged special times.

Full Disinfection of the kennel & cattery units is carried-out between boarders with Anigene HLD4ND and also frequently during their stay to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

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Questions left unanswered within this site can be answered either by telephoning 01779-821217 during our business hours , referring to the FAQ's section of our website or by Email to Email Image.

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