What vaccinations does my pet need to board ?

Dogs – Need their Annual Booster to be valid for the length of their stay and also to have been vaccinated against Kennel Cough at least 4 days (preferably 14 days) prior to their arrival date. Cats – Need their Annual Booster to be valid for the length of their stay.

In the case of puppies and kittens their final injection should have been given at least one week (preferably two) before their arrival date.

Why does the kennels insist on my dog being vaccinated against Canine Bronchitis (Kennel Cough) ?

Kennel Cough , although a very distressing illness for the dog , is not in itself that harmful to mature , fit animals. However we do not know what age or state of health the dogs in our care may be in when they board with us and this disease can be a problem for senior dogs or puppies.A bit like a Senior Citizen contracting Flu compared with a younger person , it can affect them worse and/or cause the onset of more serious conditions.

What can I bring along to the kennels/cattery ?

We supply Stainless Steel Bowls for all food and water and prefer to use these where possible. You are welcome to bring along treats and toys (particularly something hard to chew) A reasonably sized bit of bedding , or an old towel or similar , which has the smell of home on it , can be beneficial as this can be a comfort to your pet.

What food does the kennel supply ?

We provide four Dry Complete Diets dogs (currently Bakers , Pedigree , Omega and Chappie) plus Chappie in Tinned form which can be added to the dry diet or given on its own. For cats we currently feed GoCat Complete and Felix in tinned form. Normally giving the wet in the morning and dry in the afternoon but cats can have wet or dry at both times if requested.

Why do I not get a discount if I supply my own food ?

Our food is purchased in bulk and therefore does not cost as much as retail , our costs are mainly staff , maintenance and heating.

Does my dog/cat get exercised whilst in the kennels ?

Provided that your pet is approachable we try to play with both the dogs and cats in our care to alleviate boredom. Dogs are exercised in our secure compound off-lead where possible but are not taken for walks outside the secure area of the kennels. No dogs or cats are allowed to mix unless from the same household or prior permission has been given in writing by both owners.

What if my pet needs medication ?

Most day-to-day medication is fine (tablets/creams etc) provided your pet is approachable but we ask that you discuss this with us at the time of booking as any unacceptable medical condition may result in your pet being refused entry even on the day of arrival.

Obviously cats can be more difficult so it is particularly important their needs are discussed in advance. We do not accept any diabetic animals into the kennels or cattery.

What bedding is supplied ?

We provide all boarders with Pro-Fleece Vet Bedding except in the case of dogs who exhibit chewing habits in which case they may be provided with old , but clean blankets.

We also provide plastic beds for the dogs and wire frames for cat bedding.

Owners can bring their pets own bedding provided it is not too large , as it may need washing and drying during their pets stay.

Is the kennel/cattery heated ?

Both the kennels and cattery are heated 24/7 during the months of October thru March and our rates are slightly higher to reflect this.

During other months we heat mostly at night only but also during the day as required in line with temperatures at the time


How long/short can my pet stay ?

We board pets for any duration subject to closure for our own holidays.

Any overnight stay will be charged as two days as we charge per day not per night.

Will the kennels accept an aggressive animal ?

Whilst it is obviously preferred that your pet is well socialised and friendly many pets can take a few days to settle and therefore are not actually being aggressive but defensive.

We will assess your pet during its first stay and advise if we feel they are unacceptable for future a stay.

Why do I have to bring my pet in during specific hours ?

We try to get everybody settled for overnight and callers outside of our business hours can cause them to be disturbed and unsettled. We also work a long day so , once we have closed , it is important we are able to relax and re-charge the batteries.

Why should my dog be on a lead or cat be in a basket when arriving at the kennels ?

This is extremely important –Our entrance is accessed at all times and drivers are not always as careful as perhaps they should be so it is better to have your pet under full control at all times whilst it is outside of the kennelling environment.

Cats could be distressed by any dogs being exercised in the compound as this is right next to our office.

We will not accept responsibility for your pet until is within the kennel or cattery unit.

Is my pet groomed during its stay ?

We try to give a daily maintenance groom to all pets provided they are co-operative and approachable.