Kennel units provide a stimulating environment whilst remaining safe and secure for your pet.

Beds are provided along with Pro-Fleece Vet Bedding for those dogs who do not chew (we have clean , old blankets for those that might) but we are happy to accommodate reasonable other bedding if provided by customers. In any case we do encourage that a small piece of bedding is supplied to give them a re-assuring scent of home. We can supply them with toys/chews if their own have been forgotten.

Heating is provided 24/7 from November to February with rates being slightly higher during these months and then as necessary outside of these times.

Feeding is normally twice daily but an additional lunchtime feed can be provided for those who may need it.

All Food and Water is presented in Stainless Steel bowls with water being available 24/7 and alternative diets , to that supplied by the kennels , can be accommodated upon request.

Exercise is given during the day in our securely fenced compound where dogs can run off-lead to chase a ball or Frisbee or to play on a “Tugger” rope toy.

Older dogs may prefer just to have a wander and sniff ! The dogs are checked frequently during the day and where possible they are encouraged to receive a stroke or cuddle

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